Padmini Prakash has made history as the first trans woman to be a television news anchor in India. 

This milestone comes only months after India’s Supreme Court decided to recognize a third gender for trans individuals. 31-year-old Prakash has said that so far, the response has been positive.

Padmini, a former actor and dancer, has become the face of primetime news on Lotus News Channel, winning praise from both media vets and those in the LGBT community and a rapidly growing fan base that had her promoted to the 7 p.m. spot. It is a nice surprise for a woman who was reportedly disowned by her own family when she came out as trans. She later became a vocal trans activist.

Padmini told the Times of India that anchoring a live news show, with its lack of leeway for mistakes, was at first worrisome but she was committed to the objectivity required for the job. “I was very worried because I also had to focus on my diction and maintain a steady narrative pace to ensure that there was clarity and viewers could understand me,” Padmini told the Times.

This is HUGE. Many congratulations to her, and may we soon see this happening all over the world.